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25 Denix Replica Colt Brass Bullet

Fits Denix Revolvers - ** Much SMALLER than 44/45 Caliber Bullets .... 1 1/8"L x 5/16"W ... These go great inside the Clint Eastwood replica colt 45 gun.

6 Cap Firing Denix Gun Bullets - For Replica Denix Revolvers

These 6 bullet replicas are made to fit any Denix Colt Peacemaker style revolver. Bullets are solid metal casting and fire 1 Noise cap each. Smaller than real .45 caliber bullets. Fits Denix Revolvers Caps not Included SMALLER THAN 45 CALIBER Cap Fireable Product Length: 1 1/8"... Width: 5/16" Solid Metal

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